Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sinclairs vs CADCAM: Old way is best!

Yes, we are old fashioned, hand manufacturing jewellers and we make no excuses for that. No other method of making jewellery, including CADCAM (computer aid design and computer aided manufacture), can produce the finish, style and quality of a hand manufactured, unique piece of jewellery. At the end of the day, CADCAM is only cast or machine made jewellery and as such does not have the soul or feel of the craftsman who made it.

The CADCAM method is for mass manufacturing and your "unique" design can be reproduced 100's of times, each exactly the same as each other. The casting method of jewellery manufacture is thousands of years old, albeit with great improvements over the ancient processes, but still with the inherent problems of cast metal and it's weaknesses.

At Sinclairs we specialise in the manufacture of exquisite hand made jewellery. Work is performed in our Applecross studio, by our team of highly skilled and qualified jewellers. Watch out for the new workshop, coming soon to Subiaco.

We also offer a jewellery remodelling service, and can restore your older pieces to their former glory – or even give pieces a new sense of style. All our work is of superior quality, and we provide exceptional after sales support through our lifetime inspection and cleaning service.

Visit the workshop page on our website. Click here.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sinclairs Jewellers New Product Catalogue

Our website has now been updated with a new product catalogue. Please visit the link below and see some of the amazing jewellery we now have available in our Applecross and Subicao showrooms.

Sinclairs Jewellers New Product Catalogue

Sinclairs Jewllers May Newsletter

Our newsletter for may has now been published you can view it via the link below.

May Newsletter